fleurs et accessoires

Since my earliest childhood, I have loved drawing and crafting, and this is still true.

I was born in Fukuoka, in Japan, and I have studied art at university. I have learnt how to became a florist while I was working in a flower company. During 5 years,I purchased flowers at the market, I did retailing and flower arranging at some funerary events and event venues,especially at some hotels for wedding.

Then I diccovered French florists in a magazine and in 2008,I decided to learn the French style of flower arranging in Paris.

After I came to France,I learnt French while working in a big flower shops at the center of Paris. 

Working for first class hotels and brands was a very enriching experience.

Moreover,I have learnt how to communicate with the team and the clients, how to be organaized at work, some skills that

does not exist in Japan, and the habits and the preferences of the people in Paris.

I think the flowers of Paris can be characterized by three adjectives : 'chic, raffiné, généreux'.

Meanwhile, I studied 3 years in a jewelly school and I did some creative activities.

In 2017, I decided to combine flowers and creativity at my own taste, and create a new brand called VERDE.


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Fleurs et Accessoires